The Intelli.tours Difference

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
— Coco Chanel

Your journey, your way...

Group Travel Redefined for the Individual

Yes, it’s true, today it’s so easy to go online and put a trip together; just  choose flights, book a hotel with appealing pictures, choose a few tours or randomly select someone to guide you around, and hope that it all works out. 

But let’s be honest, unforgettable masterfully planned, perfectly curated, worry-free  journeys are hard to find and even more difficult to plan.  

At intelli.tours we know travel, we know our destinations, and we work with only the best and most knowledgeable in-country specialists to guarantee you the journey of lifetime.

We have created the perfect blend of all of the benefits of group travel and the individuality and personalization you desire.

The intelli.tours Difference  — group travel redefined for the individual!

The intelli.tours Difference

The intelli.tours Difference

Meticulous Planning • Attention to Detail • Extensive Experience

Experience. Knowledge. Passion.

Planning an exceptional journey is more than just a click here and click there to select a flight and hotel and then hope that it all comes together once you’ve arrive.

Everyone at intelli.tours  is passionate about travel and we leverage our years of experience planning, leading and managing global travel to your advantage.  

We have stayed in every hotel in which you will sleep, dined in every restaurant in which you will eat, taken and led every tour that you will enjoy, and ridden in every mode of transportation you will take.  

We leave nothing to chance! We have a plan B , a plan C, a plan D, and a plan E for every single aspect of your intelli.tours journey to ensure you a journey of a lifetime.

At intelli.tours we worry, obsess, plan and plan again so you can rest, relax, and enjoy — after all, it’s your journey.

More choices. Independence

A new and better way to travel

At intelli.tours we are proud of how we have  redefined group travel for the individual with the perfect balance of all the benefits of group travel and the freedom of independent travel. We do all the planning, organization, problem-solving and logistics management so you can enjoy worry-free travel with a small-group of like-minded travelers and let your individuality shine.

On an intelli.tours journey you choose much the what, when, where, and with whom throughout most of your journey.

  • Are you interested in a museum or activity other than what we propose on your journey itinerary?
    No worries!  Let us know and provide you options from which you may choose.


  • Do you have a passion or interest that you wish to incorporate into your journey ?
    No worries!  Let us know and we’ll make it so. 


  • Would you prefer a relaxing evening at the hotel or just exploring on your own?
    No worries! No worries! Let us know and we’ll credit you for dinner and help you organize the details.


  • Do you prefer an early dinner, a late dinner, dining alone, or dining with others?
    No worries!. Let us know and we’ll see to it that you dine when you want and with whom you want.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Talk with us and let’s make it happen as you’d prefer.

At intelli.tours we’ve redefined for the individual — after all it’s your journey.

(Some adjustments to journey itineraries may have additional cost)

Take advantage of all the perks

We give you more, so you enjoy more!

Have you ever returned from a self-planned trip and added up exactly how much you really spent and been gobsmacked?

On an intelli.tours journey we include more of everything so that you return h0me relaxed and refreshed, and with no financial surprises. Discover all we include:

  • $50 intelli.tours Comfort Card for each flightHave a few glasses of Champagne on us!
  • Private airport transfersPrivate cars and drivers to whisk you to and from destination airports.
  • The absolute best hotels5-Star luxury, historically important hotels that you’ll always remember.
  • Journeys that begin when you arriveBreakfast, lunch, and activities the minute you arrive.
  • More choicesThe who, what, when, where, and with whom, even when you dine.
  • More included meals Mexico: All meals/ France: A few lunches & a couple of dinners open for your enjoyment.
  • Tasty bites and treats during toursWe just know all that you must taste, so we share, and share, and share!
  • More cocktails A welcome cocktail, wine, flat and sparkling water at all meals.
  • Evening nightcaps to bid you sweet dreamsWe hate to see the end and look forward to tomorrow.
  • No added costs on journeyNo up-selling and no games- we include so much.
  • Hands-free luggage serviceWe take care of your luggage every single step of the way!
  • Mid-journey laundry and dry-cleaning – Because there’s nothing like freshly cleaned clothes when you travel.
  • Superlative 24/7 personal attention & serviceIt’s your journey and we are always on call for you! 

At intelli.tours we give you more so you enjoy more — after all it’s your journey!

(Please consult the specific intelli.tours journey itineraries to discover all that is included.)

Historically important luxury hotels

Rest. Relax. Dream

At intelli.tours we know that where you stay is as important as where you go;. We also know that rest and relaxation are essential components of a great vacation.

We choose only the best, most historically important, well-located, luxury hotels for an unforgettable experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime and that we know you will want to tell everyone about.

On an intelli.tours journey you don’t change hotels every couple of  days.  You have time to get settled, feel at home, and discover where you actually are

We also make sure that you have time to rest, relax, and regroup.  We end each day with time for you to return to the spectacular hotels we chose and take a nap, read a book, admire a view, or explore a courtyard.

At intelli.tours rest, relaxation, and great hotel are part of the experience — after all, it’s your journey!

It's always about the food!

Taste. Savor. Enjoy.

At intelli.tours, we believe that Virginia Woolf said it perfectly when she stated:

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

We would just add that one can not travel well either if one has not dined well because a great journey is all about exceptional food and drinks.

We choose the best restaurants for you to savor authentic, delicious local cuisine.  

You order off the menu and we include cocktails, wine, sparkling and flat water, coffee, and tea.

Best of all, we give you choices: Maybe you prefer room service for breakfast; maybe you want to retire early after an exciting day of exploration and dine in your room; or maybe you enjoy dining late. In any case, the choice is yours and the meals on our journeys are exceptional — as are the wine and cocktails we include.

At intelli.tours, we take food and drink seriously — after all, it’s your journey!

Come home wiser and smarter


At intelli.tours we love to learn and we believe that travel is all about learning.

Every activity, tour, exploration, discovery walk, meal, special event, and moment on your intelli.tours journey allows you to enrich your mind and learn.

Choose an in-depth tour of the Château de Versailles and learn all the secrets of live in the palace.

Visit the archeological ruins or Monte Alban and let us open a window on the past that you may know little about or wish to know more.

Make colorful and delicious macrons in Lyon.

 Dye your own yarns with cochineal in Teotitlán del Valle in the studio of a master artist and rug weaver.

Master the perfect crêpe in Paris.  

Paint your own  alebrijes in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán.

Prepare  an authentic mole with a renown Zapotec chef.  

And these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg on our journeys — let us know what your passions are!

At intelli.tours the only limit is your imagination — after all, it’s your journey!

So many places and plenty of time


At intelli.tours, we are passionate about exploring and seeing new sights.

Your intelli.tours Exploration Experts spend their days seeking out new and fascinating places to share with you on your journey and they are passionate about leading you not only to all the great sights, but also to those lesser knows sights, sounds and tastes that make an intelli.tours journey so special. These bright, inspired, curious experts will take you back in time, propel you into the future, and leave you fascinated and thrilled.  

At intelli.tours, your journey is only limited by your imagination — after all, it’s your journey!

Knowledge is power...

Connect. Know.

At intelli.tours we know the more you know the more choices you can make.

The intelli.tours Mobile App is our way of letting you stay informed every step of the way so that you can make the best choices on your journey.

Before your journey begins you can explore your itinerary, add your flight plans, learn about destination activities, consider options, and let us know your preferences.   

During your journey you can  view your daily schedule, confirm dining times, message your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer, chat with other travelers, learn about the places you will explore, and review important documents like entry passes and train tickets.

We make sure everything is in the palm of your hands.  In addition, just like on a cruise, you’ll receive an printed overview of the next day in your room each evening.

At intelli.tours we make it easy for you to travel — after all, it’s your journey!

More choices

At intelli.tours it’s all about you. You choose what you do and when you do it. It’s your journey!

More cocktails

Cocktails, wine, and sparkling and flat water at all lunches and dinner, plus nightcaps each evening.

The Best Hotels

Historically important, perfectly located, luxury hotels because where you stay matters!  

Expert Private Explorations

Expert guides lead you on private tours and explorations that bring all the sights to life.

More Meals

We include more meals at the best restaurants and fun treats and snacks throughout your journey.

Superlative Service

Personalized service for all your needs before, during, and after your journey.