Jeffrey A. Kirkman

Chief Intelligence Officer


I have been fascinated with travel, hotels, airplanes, airports and language as long as I can remember.

I vividly recall as a child lying on the warm pavement of my driveway staring into the sky, watching the faint images of airplanes floating past and imagining where the lucky people on the planes were headed and dreaming where I might have been headed were I on the plane. To this day, I cannot resist the urge to gaze up to the sky when I hear a airplane fly overhead; it’s just a part of who I am.

Nothing thrills me more than planning a trip, anticipating a journey, heading to the airport, boarding a plane and taking off to discover a new country, visit a city I loved from before, immerse myself in a different culture, hear and learn a new language, be enthralled by the unique creativity of different peoples, taste new foods, and connect myself to this amazing planet we share.

My love of travel and languages led me to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Relations, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Linguistics, and Secondary Education.

I have worked in every area of hotel operations, led international sales for various hotels and a textile company, directed an IT business in South America, managed sales and customer care for a regional airline, directed digital marketing for an important New England travel publication, worked for a major student travel agency, taught foreign languages, and led countless international trips for travelers of all ages.

Oh and along the way, I’ve racked up over a million miles zipping through the air to every continent except Antartica and over 50 countries.

intelli.tours is my dream as it combines everything that I love and all of my talents and passions: Travel, planning, languages, people, great food, learning, and creativity — oh, and airplanes, airports and flying!

My goal is to bring to you my passion for travel in a way that allows you to travel as I have and still do — on a masterfully planned trip full of incredible options to see, do, taste and experience everything that matters to you and to come home full of stories to tell, memories to share, food to cook, and maybe,  as I have done on every single of my many journeys, find a great piece of art — or some important item – to add to your collection and create your story.

It is my profound honor and  aspiration to offer you travel opportunities that I know will change your life.

I look forward to traveling with you on an intelli.tours journey!


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Senior Software Development, Project Manager, Cisco Network
Team Leader, Software Design and Development, Asus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Engineering


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