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All About Our Journeys To France

Whether you have already booked your intelli.tours journey to France — or if you are in the decision-making stage — please take a look over the information below about everything you need to know before, during and after your intelli.tours journey.  

At intelli.tours we agree that “knowledge is power” — so let us make you powerful with all the necessary information to ensure that you know all about us and that have the journey of a lifetime!

 All about intelli.tours journeys to France

intelli.tours journeys to France

Before you book

Price Basis
Yes, all intelli.tours prices are per person, and in US dollars.

Your hotel in Oaxaca is the Quinta Real Oaxaca, located in the heart of the city’s UNESCO protected colonial center. Built in 1576, the hotel was originally the Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena and has been masterfully restored, including original frescoes. The hotel’s numerous floral gardens, gorgeous courtyards, serene fountains, and relaxing outdoor pool will delight you. 

Age Restrictions
journeys are restricted to travelers 21 years of age or older.

Bedding Types
We offer the following bedding options on your intelli.tours journey:

  • Double room – 1 bed for one or two people. Queen size or king size.
  • Twin room – 2 separate beds of any size, usually twin beds.

Single Travelers with Private Accommodations
If you are traveling on your own or just prefer the privacy of your own room, we offer single accommodations — equally as luxurious and spacious rooms, but with one queen- or king-size bed. To book this option choose 1 room and 1 guest when reserving your journey.

Single Travelers wishing to share
If you are a single traveler and you wish to consider our single traveler room share option, select 1 room and 1 traveler when booking and for bedding type choose single share.

We’ll endeavor to match you with a fellow guest of the same gender in a twin-bed accommodation. If we are successful in finding a guest to share with you, we will facilitate an initial communication so that you have the opportunity to get to know each other. To confirm the sharing of the accommodation, we will provide you both with an online form to indicate your agreement.

You will be required to pay the single traveler journey fee, and once on tour, if we are successful in pairing you with another traveler, we will reimburse you, to your original payment method, the difference between the single traveler journey fee and the double occupancy journey fee. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional details.

Group Bookings
If you are booking 3 rooms or more, please contact us directly for any available group booking discounts.

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

What is included in the journey price?

What is included in the intelli.tours journey price?

The intelli.tours journey price includes:  

  • Airport transfers by private car to and from destination airports
  • Accommodations in 5-star luxury hotels, centrally located
  • Hands-free baggage handling — total baggage valet service
  • Itinerary customizations of comparable value
  • Most meals
    • Breakfast each morning
    • Lunch –  most days
    • Dinner –  all but one evening
  • Cocktails, wine/beer, and flat and sparkling water at all dinners and select lunches
  • Special snacks, treats, and delicacies on tours, walks, and explorations
  • Evening nightcaps 
  • All ground transportation
  • All tours, entry fees, sightseeing charges, and other such expenses
  • All gratuities – You are free to tip additionally for exceptional service 
  • Mid-journey laundry and dry-cleaning
  • The intelli.tours journey app to keep you up-to-date before and during your journey
  • 24/7 services of an on-journey intelli.tours Intelligence Officer 
  • Special intelli.tours after-journey perks

What is not included in the intelli.tours journey price?

The intelli.tours journey price does not include:

  • Airfare
  • Airport departure taxes or other such charges or fees
  • Travel to and from your home airport
  • Passport and/or visa costs
  • Additional food or beverages not included in the itinerary
  • Additional food costs for special dietary restrictions or allergies
  • Incidental charges in hotels
  • Personal items and souvenirs
  • Travel protection plan / insurance

Additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

Physical Requirements

What are the physical requirements and pacing of your intelli.tours journeys? 

On intelli.tours Explorations and intelli.tours Discovery Walks we always allow time for you to stop and rest. And we allot plenty of time for breaks and lunch. On a typical day, you’ll leave your hotel around 10 am and return around 4:30 pm. During that time, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of a museum or historic site and a guided walking tour, all of which will require walking or standing for about 3 to 4 hours.*

We invite you to refer to the specific journey itinerary for day-by-day descriptions and additional details about each day’s activities. 

Most important of all, an intelli.tours journey allows choice. So if you need a little more downtime during the day, just tell your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer, who will make it so.

Over the course of an intelli.tours journey, we’ll never rush you from place to place. You’ll enjoy a relaxed pace, typically with a leisurely 4 nights in each hotel, allowing you to really settle in and connect with the places you’re visiting.

Please see the Itinerary section on each journey page for details on the number of nights you’ll spend in each hotel.

* Please note that certain locations you visit — especially during a visit to Provence — may require additional walking given that vehicles are often restricted in certain historic locations. We suggest that for your comfort you bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Please speak with your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer if you have any concerns or needs relative to walking, standing, or any other aspect of movement on your journey.

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.


Can intelli.tours help me with airline flights and reservations?

Yes, we’re happy to help you with flights.

While we can’t actually book flights for you, we can recommend flight options and give you advice as frequent travelers to Oaxaca.

Here are some of our initial recommendations:

  • Consider American Airlines’ non-stop service from Dallas to Oaxaca.
    • This option gives you the ease of customs and immigration in Oaxaca’s small, charming airport — with the perfect arrival time into Oaxaca of 1:30 pm and a relaxing departure at 2:05 pm. 
  • A second option is United’s non-stop service through Houston.
    • This option also offers the same ease of immigration and customs in Oaxaca, though you won’t arrive there until almost 7:30 pm, You would need to arrive the day before to make the Welcome Dinner on Day 1.
    • United’s departure from Oaxaca is an early 7:50 am flight.
  • We also recommend, for your ease and comfort, that for flights with connections in Mexico, you consider connections through Guadalajara.
    • The Mexico City airport is perfectly safe and acceptable, but we recommend choosing Guadalajara’s airport, which is very easy to navigate and attractive.
  • For all fights to Oaxaca that require a connection with a Mexican carrier, our recommendation is that you choose Aeromexico, Interjet, or Volaris. 
    • We prefer these carriers’ jet aircraft to InterMar’s turboprop aircraft.
    • Some United flights connect with AeroMar / Delta flights connect with AeroMexico.
  • A website that we particularly like and use frequently to research airfares and find flights is Matrix Airfare Search.
    • You cannot book flights on this site so make sure to copy the details of the flight and fare information in the last steps to share with a travel agent for booking flights.
    • We always search for a 1-day-before option for our planned outbound flight and a 1-day-after option for our planned return flight. Sometimes the cost of leaving a day earlier or staying an extra night can be minimal when weighing the comfort of better flight times, and/or smoother connections.
    • Don’t hesitate to contact us about arriving early or staying on after your journey.

If you would like the assistance of a travel agent to book your flights, we can also refer you to a trusted travel agent who can assist you.

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

Passport and Visas

Do I need a passport and/or visa on an intelli.tours journey?

Yes, US citizens must have a valid passport to enter Mexico.  

US travelers do not need a visa to enter Mexico.

Acquire a US Passport

If you are a US citizen and do not have a passport, please consult the US State Department’s page: How to Apply for a Passport for details.

Renew a US Passport

If you are a US citizen and need to renew your passport, please consult the US State Department’s page: How to Renew My Passport by Mail for details.

Non-US Citizens

If you are not traveling on a US passport, we suggest that you contact your local Mexican Embassy or Consulate for details. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

When to Arrive

When should I plan to arrive for my intelli.tours journey?

We suggest that you arrive to the destination city and, ultimately to the hotel, no later than mid-afternoon on Day 1 of your intelli.tours journey.

The first official event your journey is the intelli.tours Welcome Dinner in the early evening on Day 1. 

What if my flight arrives really early on Day 1?

You may arrive as early as you want on Day 1 and your intelli.tours journey begins the moment you arrive.

When you arrive, your private driver will be at the airport waiting to whisk you to the Intercontinental Hotel Le Grand, where your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer be looking forward to meeting you and will help you get settled.

Depending on what time you arrive and the hotel’s occupancy the night before, your room may or may not be ready. Either way, we invite you to a delicious breakfast and/or lunch on us.

intelli.tours Exploration Experts will offer walking tours in the mid-afternoon for your enjoyment.

What if my flight arrives later on Day 1?

While we suggest that you plan to arrive at the hotel no later than 6 pm on Day 1, we understand that due to delays and flight schedules, you might arrive past this hour. Should you miss the Welcome Dinner, we’ll arrange for a light meal for you in the hotel.  

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

Pre-Journey Arrangements or Extensions

Can I start my intelli.tours journey early or extend my intelli.tours journey? 

Yes! You may start your journey early or extend your journey.

We will happily assist you with these arrangements and offer suggestions for activities. 

Arrival and departure transfers are also included provided that your arrival and/or departure is to or from the beginning and ending cities of your intelli.tours journey itinerary.

As an extra perk, if you stay somewhere other than the intelli.tours journey hotel before or after your journey, we will provide you a complimentary local transter to and/or from your location.

(Please be advised that all costs to start early or to extend your intelli.tours journey are your responsibility.)

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

Meals • Food & Beverage

What meals are included in my intelli.tours journey?

intelli.tours journeys to France include breakfast each morning, and most lunches and dinners. (Please see your specific journey itinerary for details.)

Breakfast is an abundant buffet in the main dining room of each hotel.

Lunches will be in carefully chosen restaurants in the vicinity of a given day’s activities and always a not-to-be-missed venue.

Dinners will be in restaurants that are either revered by locals or too wonderful to miss. 

In addition, your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer and intelli.tours Exploration Experts will offer you special tastes and treats along the way — ensuring that you experience a sip or bite of all the great gustatory pleasures of France.

Are the meals from pre-set group menu?

On an intelli.tours journey to France we want you to be free to order whatever appeals to you and piques your interest, so when dining out you will always be able to choose items off the regular menu. You will never be subjected to a limited, pre-determined selection. (The Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner will offer choices from a menu of specially selected options.)

What beverages are included with meals?

Your intelli.tours journey to France includes beverages at all meals.

Lunches include flat and sparkling water, and at certain lunches  wine or beer, or a cocktail.

Dinners include a welcome cocktail, 2 glasses of wine or beer, flat and sparkling water, and coffee or tea with dessert.

Each evening, your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer will invite you for an evening nightcap — either at the hotel or a local venue — providing a festive finale to recap the day’s adventures and discuss the coming attractions with your fellow travelers.

Do we eat as a group at every meal?

That is up to you! On intelli.tours journeys we believe that you should dine when you want and with whom you want.

About 30 days before your intelli.tours journey departure date, you will receive an email from us requesting your preferred dining time; we will use this to set up general dining arrangements.

Once the journey is underway, you will have the flexibility to adjust your preferred dining time and dining companions — simply notify us in advance so we can confirm your preferred arrangements with the restaurant selected for that evening.

For lunches, you will generally dine with the small group of 10 you are traveling with that day, but you are free to sit with whom and where you choose. Should you prefer to skip lunch on a particular day, please inform your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer and you will be credited for the value of that particular meal.

Please note that our Welcome Dinner and our Farewell Dinner are both group dining events.

What if I prefer eating with a larger group?

You always have the option of joining the group table headed by your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer — we welcome the opportunity to dine with you!

What if I don’t want to go to dinner on a given evening?

Not a problem! We understand the need for some downtime or alone time. Just let your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer know your plan; you will be credited for the value of that evening’s dinner, and you may arrange your evening as you choose. (For certain meals we cannot offer this option, and in all cases we ask that you inform us as soon as possible so that we may inform the restaurant.)

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or food allergies?

When you book your intelli.tours journey you have the opportunity to inform us of any of your food restrictions or allergies. We take this information seriously and will make every effort to accommodate your dietary requests; however, we cannot guarantee our ability to accommodate all special food preferences. 

In many cases, your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer can speak with the dining establishment on your behalf and present you with the best options for your needs. We can also provide you access to menus in advance so you will be well-prepared to order.

For group meals, we will advise the restaurant in advance of any dietary restrictions.

For included snacks, treats, local delicacies, tastings, and other items we may provide, we suggest that you use your judgement about what you can and cannot eat or drink.

In all cases, even with our assistance, you are responsible for all decisions about what you eat and drink regardless of any information or assistance we may provide.

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.


Are gratuities covered in my intelli.tours journey cost?

Yes! Your intelli.tours journey fee includes all gratuities for everyone and for every service and activity included in your specific journey itinerary. You are free to offer an additional gratuity to anyone whom you believe went above and beyond your expectations.

When you are on your own at any non-included meal or activity, the payment of a gratuity is your responsibility.

Your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer will provide you with specific information about such gratuities.

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

Spending Money • Credit-Debit Cards • Currency Exchange

How much money will I need on my intelli.tours journey?

Your intelli.tours journey to France includes most of your meals. You should plan to have personal funds for approximately 4 lunches and 1 dinner, extra beverages, non-included snacks, souvenirs, and personal expenses. (Please see the specific journey itinerary for specific meal counts.)  

Should I have any local currency when I depart for my intelli.tours journey?

Yes, we recommend that you travel with a small amount of local currency. This will make it easy to purchase something in a local airport during a flight layover or a delay or in case of an unexpected event along the way. Having some local currency also means you won’t be inconvenienced by having to race to a bank to withdraw cash on arrival in France.

We recommend that to start your trip you have a minimum of 100 Euros  (US$112 as of Jan. 1, 2019).

Check with your local bank to see if they sell Euros or consult with us and we will be happy to assist you.

Should I plan on using cash or credit cards on my intelli.tours journey?

You should plan on using both cash and credit cards on your journey.

You can use credit or debit cards for purchases in local stores; however, purchases in local food and artisan markets are mostly limited to cash in Euros.

Please also check to see if your credit card and/or debit card charges a foreign currency transaction fee. You may also consider looking into cards that do not charge such fees.

Should I notify my bank and credit card issuer of my travel dates?

Yes, we absolutely recommend that you notify your bank and credit card issuer of your travel dates to avoid any inconveniences while on your journey.

How should I plan to exchange money on my intelli.tours journey?

Your local bank may sell foreign currency and also buy back any foreign currency you do not use on your journey – a convenient option that alleviates the need to visit ATMs or exchange houses during your journey.

ATMs, however, often are the most convenient means to get local currency while traveling. ATMs are plentiful in France and are an easy way to acquire Mexican pesos. Making an ATM withdrawal can be more secure than carrying cash to exchange, and the exchange rate offered is usually very competitive. Please check with your bank about what fees you might be assessed for cash withdrawals in France. Also, many US banks charge a foreign currency withdrawal fee of about US$5.

Exchanging US dollars is another option for acquiring Euros. There are currency exchange houses in all cities where you will visit. However, the process will take more time and may be less convenient than other options, and you will be bound to those businesses’ hours of operation, which may or may not coincide with your schedule.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about currency exchange.

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

Travel Safety

Travel Safety 

Register your International Trip with the US State Department

We highly recommend that once you have received your intelli.tours intinerary details that you register yourself with the US State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). STEP is a free service that provides US citizens traveling or living abroad the latest security updates from the nearest US embassy or consulate and enables the US embassy or consulate to contact you in an emergency. 

intelli.tours takes your safety and well-being seriously. We invite you to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

Have additional questions?
Contact us by phone (+1.888.521-6046), email (hello@intelli.tours) or by chat on our site.

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