The intelli.tours Difference2

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel

intelli.tours Journeys Are Truly One of a Kind!

More Choice • More Meals • More Cocktails • Better Hotels • Superlative Service

At intelli.tours we know travel and our journeys are all about more choices for you, more included meals at the restaurants with the best food, professional tour experts that bring the sights alive, and the best historically important luxury hotels that will make your journey the memory of a lifetime. 

Explore the benefits intelli.tours journeys, and learn why our journeys are the perfect choice for the best travel experiences.

We love travel


We are passionate travelers. We know that choice, independence, individuality, relaxation, unique activities, great hotels, delicious food, excellent service, flexibility, meticulous planning, clear pricing, and lots of perks are what make our journeys one of a kind. 

At intelli.tours we do travel right!

Take advantage of all the perks

Enjoy more.

We know that what makes us your best travel option —and our journeys so special —are all the perks we include:

  • The absolute best hotels
  • More choices
  • More included meals 
  • More cocktails
  • No added costs on journey
  • $50 intelli.tours Comfort Card for each flight.
  • Hands-free luggage service
  • Mid-journey laundry and dry-cleaning
  • Tasty bites and treats during tours
  • Evening nightcaps to bid you sweet dreams
  • Superlative 24/7 personal attention and service

At intelli.tours it’s your journey, enjoy more!

What you want, when you want it


We let you choose where you go and when you go. When you dine, with whom you dine, and what you eat — including ordering off the menu. We’ll even credit you for dinner, if you wish, so you can enjoy a relaxing evening in the hotel or just an evening out on your own.  Your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer is always there 24/7 to advise and help you.

At intelli.tours it’s your journey!

Comfort and glamour on your journey


We remember when travel was glamorous and, while we can’t turn back time, we want to bring a touch of that glamour back to travel. On both your outbound and return flights enjoy an intelli.tours $50 Comfort Card to use as you choose — for transportation to, or parking at the airport, for a bite to eat, or a glass — or two! — of champagne. 

At intelli.tours getting there can truly be half the fun!

Food matters and we choose only the best for you


We believe that a great journey is all about exceptional food and drinks. We choose the best restaurants for you to savor authentic, delicious local cuisine. Best of all, we give you choices: Maybe you prefer room service for breakfast; maybe you want to retire early after an exciting day of exploration and dine in your room; or maybe you enjoy dining late. In any case, the choice is yours because it’s your journey.

At intelli.tours, we take food and drink seriously!

Historically important luxury hotels


We believe that where you stay is as important as where you go. Many of the best memories of our world travels include the magnificent places where we dreamed, relaxed, and unwound. We know that rest and relaxation are components of a great vacation. We choose only the best, most historically important, well-located, luxury hotels for an unforgettable experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

At intelli.tours great hotels are part of the journey.

Enrich your mind as you see the world


We believe that travel is all about learning. Every activity, tour, exploration, discovery walk, meal, special event, and moment allow you to enrich your mind. You can paint like Van Gogh in Arles, dye your own yarns in Oaxaca, decorate alebrijes in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, make an authentic mole is Teotitlán del Valle, or make colorful, delicious macrons in Lyon. Journey with us and learn!

At intelli.tours the only limit is your imagination.

So many places — and plenty of time


We are passionate about exploring and seeing new sights. Our intelli.tours Exploration Experts will lead you to all the great sights and offer tastes of all the great flavors you’ll discover on your journey. These bright, inspired, curious guides will take you back in time, propel you into the future, and leave you fascinated and thrilled.  

At intelli.tours, your journey is only limited by your imagination.

Keep up with your tour


We like to have information at the ready. The intelli.tours mobile app is our way of letting you stay informed every step of the way. Before your journey begins you can explore your itinerary, add your flight plans, learn about destination activities and make choices for your journey.  During your journey view your daily schedule,  confirm dining times, message your intelli.tours Intelligence Officer, chat with other travelers, learn about the places you will explore, and review important documents like entry passes and train tickets.

At intelli.tours we make it easy for you to travel.

More choices

At intelli.tours it’s all about you. You choose what you do and when you do it. It’s your journey!

More cocktails

Cocktails, wine, and sparkling and flat water at all lunches and dinner, plus nightcaps each evening.

The Best Hotels

Historically important, perfectly located, luxury hotels because where you stay matters!  

Expert Private Explorations

Expert guides lead you on private tours and explorations that bring all the sights to life.

More Meals

We include more meals at the best restaurants and fun treats and snacks throughout your journey.

Superlative Service

Personalized service for all your needs before, during, and after your journey.

It’s your journey!

Smart Travel For Smart People